What we do

“Agno Valley rules”, for an environmentally-aware agriculture

Environment Rule

The environment must be looked after in its entirety, by respecting the flora and fauna; with the aim of preserving the natural habitat, not more than 80% of the surface area can be used for any kind of specialized farming, and at least 20% is kept aside for meadows and woods.

Land Rule

In order to maintain the specific characteristics of the land that go towards making every wine unique, we don’t use synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or insecticides of any kind; these seriously harm the microflora and ground water and are responsible for indiscriminately eliminating useful as well as harmful insects.

Farming Rule

Mechanical operations aim to control the growth of grass and promote deep root growth in order to enhance minerality and expressiveness in wines as well as to improve the vitality and hardiness of the plants. We don’t use irrigation for the same reason.

Man’s Rule

Man, his knowledge and experience form a bond between the environment and the land. He has the responsibility to respect these principles of environmentally-aware agriculture in all aspects of his production.